The Space Cybersecurity &
Zero Trust Report

Society's growing demand for and dependence on space-based data has fueled significant growth in the space industry.

The report covers:

  1. The State of Space Cybersecurity, examining the cybersecurity landscape, cyber warfare, and policy.
  2. Threats and Defense, looking at attackers & vulnerabilities, the cost of failure, capabilities, and requirements.
  3. Zero-Trust Market Analysis examining the dynamics of the emerging ZT market and the results of Payload’s “Space Cybersecurity Survey” & Key Takeaways.

SpiderOak is very pleased to have contributed to the long-awaited Payload Research report, “Space Cybersecurity and Zero Trust”. 

In this paper, Payload Research Director Jack Kuhr and Co-founder Mo Islam provide an objective third-party analysis of the landscape, vulnerabilities, cost of failure, defense capabilities, and market nuances of the emerging space cybersecurity industry to assist commercial, civil, and military space missions in staying ahead of bad actors and protecting critical assets.

Next Steps

The OrbitSecure protocol provides a strong assurance of the authority, identity, integrity, and confidentiality of the space architecture data and systems entrusted to it.

As with any security technology, it is important to understand where and how it fits within the system. We are happy to consult and further address your mission security requirements.

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