SpiderOak OrbitSecure and TriSept TSEL

Advanced Protection for Your Entire Constellation.

Today’s enterprise IT directory systems critically fail the space optimization test and provide frustration for operators

They simply weren’t meant for space, which has its own unique considerations, threats and challenges in deployment and data security.  There is radio silence in the space market for a software solution that can reduce reliance on the ground station in managing today’s data proliferation challenges and put some of the brunt of this management into the sky.  

Tomorrow’s data is even more challenging. With the future mass arrival of semi-autonomous proliferated LEO constellations, the space industry deserves an end-to-end space cybersecurity system that can protect various assets with minimal input from the ground. 

With increasing dependence on satellite technology comes the multiplication of network satellite assets, requiring a multi-point space cybersecurity approach to protect hybrid space architecture. SpiderOak and TriSept proudly partner to bring you a full-constellation space cybersecurity and OS solution. 

How Does it Work?

TSEL (TriSept Security Enhancement Layer) produces a natively cybersecure OS in a space environment, providing the management and operational efficiency of the satellite constellation and protecting the end point. SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure uses distributed ledger to create a secure compartment around data being transmitted between space assets, and is decentralized – meaning, the transmission of data is not reliant on ground station management or the uptime of other assets. 

While TSEL secures the onboard embedded controllers, OrbitSecure orchestrates and manages data in space. The OrbitSecure solution defines users and roles and can push out configuration changes with one button click, reducing the need for multiple mass management steps and protocols on the ground. 

Who is TSEL and OrbitSecure for?

We serve proliferated LEO manufacturers and space operators who want to participate in hybrid space, and anyone else interested in adopting an end-to-end solution in their hybrid space architecture. With threats to satellites and terrestrial stations increasing, the need for an end-to-end solution that protects the entirety of your constellation is ever-present. TriSept and SpiderOak are proud to offer an out-of-the-box multi-point solution that deploys with minimal “herd” management from operators. 

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